Truck Rims & Truck Wheels

Choosing the best truck rims and truck wheels may depend on your vehicle type. What type of terrain do you want it to handle? Lava rocks, sand, mud, or the woods? It makes no difference what the lift, fenders, or engine are if the tires and wheels fail in extreme conditions. From brands like American Racing to Weld offroad wheels, 17×9 to 20×10, or whichever wheels you choose, wheels allow you to test your limits without fear of getting stuck in the middle of nowhere.

Bead Lock Rims

Unless your vehicle is primarily used on pavement, swap out all-season tires for all-terrain or extreme treads and air them down. If your primary goal is improved traction and a smoother ride, there’s no need to go oversized. Proper air downs don’t have enough pressure to keep the tire on the wheel if you’re heading to backcountry trails with side hills and heavy articulation. A good beadlock system keeps the tire bead from coming off by clamping it in place. If your budget allows it, go for cold-forged aluminum wheels. They have bead locking that can handle the terrain without adding weight and are simple to maintain.

XD Beadlock Wheel

Aluminum Rims

Rock crawlers, sand handlers, and deep snow tires require tires that can withstand the abuse. 17×10 forged alloy wheels make a statement; they go from street to trail with style. They are more expensive than cast alloy or steel, but they are tougher and more resilient.

FUEL Forged Polished Aluminum Wheel

Best Wheel Material for Off Road

Once you’ve decided on alloy or steel wheels for your new wheels, you can start narrowing down your other style preferences. It’s critical to understand the advantages of each material so you can be sure you’re getting the most bang for your buck. If you’re on a tight budget, you might want to look into steel wheels as a less expensive option.

Steel is the best choice for off-road drivers because it is strong and can be painted over. Cast alloy and forged alloy are also popular replacement wheel materials. They are more expensive, but they are more durable and long-lasting. Another low-cost option is cast alloy. It’s ideal for drivers who prefer smooth directional stability and easy-to-maintain wheels.

How To Choose Truck Rims and Truck Wheels

Use our Build My Ride feature. Select your vehicle and look through our rims and tires to find the right ones for your truck. With stylish wheels that show off who you are, you can turn your car into anything but a beater.

Excellent Value with Installation

You can find your new rims and tires, as well as any other 4×4 parts or accessories, in our configurator. Simply start by selecting your vehicle, suspension lift, wheels, and tires, and we’ll install them for you in one convenient location.